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Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Makawao Maui Hawaii

Schedule Of Services

Daily Mass:  Monday-Friday..... 7 a.m.


Saturdays ........... 5:00 p.m.

Sundays ........... 7:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., & 5:00 p.m.

Confessions:  By appointment only on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday from 9a.m. - 11 a.m at the rectory. Call 572-7652 to schedule your appointment.


Office: (808) 572-7652    Fax:  (808) 573-2278

 Email:  stjosephmakawao@rcchawaii.org


Parish Mission Statement - St. Joseph Church Parish is a faith community in Makawao, Maui.  We are dedicated to the call of God, to support the Diocese of Honolulu in its mission, to celebrate the Eucharist, and to commit and make Jesus present in our lives.

St. Joseph Church Staff:

  • Administrator:  Rev. Michael Tolentino

  • Deacon Patrick Constantino

  • Business Administrator: Donna Pico, 572-7652

St. Joseph Early Learning Center Leaders:


In the midst of adversity, we need to trust in the saving presence of God who triumphs over the waters of the sea.  In the midst of distress, let us turn to the Lord with faith, to him who even the wind and the sea obey.  He died and rose for our sake that we might live and not perish.  

Under the directive from the Diocese of Honolulu, St. Joseph Church has set up an egiving program to allow  parishioners and guests an easier way to give.  It will also allow the donors to:
1. Give from anywhere using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
2. No need to find a check or stop by the ATM. 
3. Use your Checking/Savings Account or your Debit/Credit Card.
4. Schedule gifts to occur automatically.   
Click on the give now link or on your phone using my parish app.  
“All must give as they are able, according to the blessings given to them by the Lord your God.”   Deuteronomy 16:17

Online donations may be made at any time from the comfort of your own home or any place with internet access. Online donations are credited to your tax statement for the end of the year (except when made anonymously)and you can change your account preferences and donation amounts at any time.


Do Not Return Evil for Evil - If someone insults you or tries to take advantage of you, how do you respond? Do you repay in kind? Jesus approached the question of just retribution with a surprising revelation of God's intention for how we should treat others, especially those who mistreat us. When Jesus spoke about God's law, he did something no one had done before. He gave a new standard based not just on the requirements of justice - giving each their due - but based on the law of grace, love, and freedom.   t. 

For those of you that are not physically able to attend mass please Join Fr. Michael as the mass is livestreamed daily and 9 a.m. Sunday Mass. 
Go to:  https://www.facebook.com/josephchurch.makawao/ 

Effective July 2021, NO 11a.m. Mass -- After evaluating the 11 a.m. Mass attendance, Fr. Michael has determined that there is not a need for an additional Mass.  

In today’s Gospel we listen to Jesus’ disciples crying out in fear of a great storm. Their cry echoes the cries of people around the world during the pandemic. It is the ultimate cry of fear, doubt and abandonment. It is a parable of the situation of all of us when cast adrift in the storms of our lives, seemingly without God’s presence and care. But God is with us. Jesus does calm the storm for his disciples. Good stewards have faith that they do not live in a world where they should live in fear and chaos, seeing themselves alone and abandoned by God. Reflect this week on your own faith in the promises of Jesus. Do you believe Jesus is in our midst and can calm the storms in our lives? 

The St. Joseph Youth Ministry is inviting the "young" church to join us for a summer youth event for some FAITH, FUN AND FELLOWSHIP on the follow­ing Saturdays: July 10 for grades 3-5, July 17 for grades 6-8 and July 24 for grades 9-12; from 9 - 11 a.m. in the school quad; CDC guidelines will be adhered to. To register, please scan the QR code on the flyer. Registration will close on Friday, June 25, 2021. For more information and or questions, please call Jason and Diane Jacinto, Youth Ministry Moderators at (808) 572-4623.

Snacks (Individually wrapped) i.e. chips, cookies, etc. · Caprisun, Otter Pops & cases of small bottles of water.
· Beach balls (inflatable), Floaties, Pool Noodles, Beach Mats & Sunglasses · Potting Soil, Seeds & Spray bottles · Glitter & Washable Finger Paint · Large Ziploc Bags & Food coloring · Clorox wipes, large Bottles Hand sanitizer  & Disposable kids mask Donations may be dropped off at the Church office or on Sundays at the Convent from 10:15 a.m.—12:00 p.m.

Today is World Refugee Day
Today, we pause and remember the 25 million people who have had to flee their countries in search of safety for their families.  According to the 1951 Refugee Convention, a refugee is one who "owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality, and is unable to, or owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country."  The Catholic Church has for decades taken seriously the plight of these vulnerable refugees and through advocacy, education efforts, and service provision sough to provide increased protections for them.  Visit www.Justiceforimmigrants.org to learn how you can assist the Church in this effort. 
The following are rules and guidelines implement by CDC and Diocese of Honolulu:  
1.  Reservations are needed for all Sunday Masses and Weekday Masses.  Please call the Parish office 572-7652 weekly to reserve your seat for the Mass that you want to attend. For contact tracking purposes, we will need your name, address and contact number in case of an outbreak of the virus. Should the particular mass you are requesting is filled, you will be given an option to choose another time for Sunday or for a weekday Mass.
2.  Those who do not have a reservation and insist on attending, must stand and WAIT outside practicing social distancing until the sign in person is ready to check them in and then the ushers will seat them.  Otherwise,  “No reservation, No Entry”
3.  Always wear a face mask inside and outside the Church. The only time you can remove your mask will be after receiving the Holy Communion and then you put it back on.  You are encourage to bring your own hand sanitizer's.
4.  Please check in at the door and then the Ushers will seat you.  Household Families can sit together. Couples also can sit together. Others will be alone 6 feet apart.
5.  After mass please follow the ushers’ instructions keeping 6 feet social distancing as you leave the church.
6.  Candles may be lit after Mass only, using social distancing.
7.  Socializing and visiting in the parking lot is not allowed. Please go straight to your car and exit the parking lot.
8.  Donation box will be at the entrances of the Church. You can place your donation in the basket before or after the Mass.

MISSELETES - Due to COVID19 we are unable to have the missalettes out for everyone to share.  If you would like to receive your very own copy to bring to church and to use at home it is available for sale at the parish office.  $10 per missalette.  Please call the parish office prior to stopping by.  

Visit the St. Joseph Early Learning Center Website
RCIA which stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is a process through which non-baptized men and women enter the Catholic Church. (It is also for those baptized in a different faith tradition who wish to become Catholic, or baptized Catholic and would like a refresher course, or baptized Catholic but never confirmed) It includes several stages marked by study, prayer and rites at Mass. Participants in the RCIA are known as catechumens. They undergo a process of conversion as they study the Gospel, profess faith in Jesus and the Catholic Church, and receive the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and Holy Eucharist. Classes will held every Thursday at 7 p.m. and will begin on August 26, 2021.
If you know someone who might be interested in learning more about the Catholic faith please contact Chris AhPuck 463-1585.
During the pandemic we are restrained in reaching out to our parishioners.  So to better serve you, we would like to update our Parish Data information so that we can better communicate to you.  Please call the parish office to update your contact information (address, phone # and email address).

Dear God of all the living, you sent your Son Jesus to heal us from illness and sin.  We turn to his healing power in this time of anxiety over the pandemic of this potentially deadly virus.  
St. Damien and St. Marianne Cope dedicated their lives to service of those who had an infectious disease.  St. Marianne Cope said, “I am not afraid of any disease,” because she was confident of your power to save.  At the same time, she took prudent precautions of hygiene to assure that she and her Sisters would not be infected.  
Let us learn from this example to put our trust in you to save us from the ravages of disease and to take prudent measures to prevent its spread.  Guide us to know when to isolate ourselves from the possibility of infection, but never let anyone be left without the care and concern of others in the community.  
As our Diocese of Honolulu has been dedicated to the Divine Mercy, we pray with confidence, “Jesus, I trust in you.”  
will be open by appointments using safe practices and social distancing.  We encourage you to call and make an appointment before coming into the office.  Also, please note the following: 

Also, please note the following:
1.  Receiving Guests & Meeting Protocols—As much as possible, any guests requiring a meeting with a (parish or school) employee should meet via telephone or video conference. If this cannot be done, an in-person meeting that is short in duration should first take place outside the office with all participants wearing face masks maintaining the required degree of physical separation.
2.  Masks are mandatory—According to the State, cloth face coverings must be “worn at all times.  Cloth face coverings are meant to stop the wearer from spreading respiratory droplets.
3.  Remember to Stay home if you are sick, do not come into the office. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these unprecedent times.
The app will allow us to communicate with you.   It will be a great resource for parishioners by providing daily Mass readings, Catholic news and prayers, convenient prayers and Confession reminders, our bulletin and more.  Its free and simple to install, go to messaging, text app to 88202 to download our parish app.  Select our Parish after opening.  The links below will also take you to the app.
Registration forms for the 2020/21 school year will be available in the church office or on the church website starting in August 2020. Classes will be for Sacramental preparation for first grade and up. We apologize as there will be no pre-K/kindergarten classes this year. For more info please call RE Coordinator, Sheri Harris at 572–2273. Thank you.
Download our 2020 Religious Education Calendar
Download our 2020 Religious Education Form


Catholic Engaged Encounter is part of an international and national family and is an in-depth, private, personal, marriage preparation experience within the context of Catholic faith and values. During the weekend experience, a couple will have plenty of time alone together to meaningfully dialogue honestly and intensively about their prospective lives together. 
Engaged Encounter Weekends occur frequently at the St. Anthony Schools Media Center in Wailuku.  To register for a weekend, please visit our website at

Contact couple, Fred and Eileen Corpuz at 808-572-8833.
Catholic Engaged Encounter is the official marriage preparation program in the Diocese of Honolulu.  

June is the start of wedding season!  Read about preparations.

Church Committees:

  • Pastoral Council:  Chris Ah Puck 463-1585

  • Church Building/Master Planning:  Jordan Santos; 572-9768

  • Finance:  Ernest Rezents;  572-8663

  • Stewardship Committee:  Arsinia Anderson 572-8290 & Helen Souza 572-5142

Church Fund Raising:

  • St. Joseph Feast:  Donna Pico 572-7652

  • Sweetbread:  Jackie Souza 573-8927

  • Thrift Shop: Joslyn Minobe: 572-7652  

Worship Ministry

  • Arts & Environment:  Berna Gentry 385-3442

  • Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion/Sick & Homebound: Jaimie Balthazar, 572-6403, & Johnelle Omura, 298-1346.

  • Altar Servers:  Helen Souza 572-5142

  • Lectors:   Erica Gorman 280-9687

  • Music: Michael Balderas 572-9434, Rochelle Alo 572-0262,
    Joe Cacalda 283-1123, & Damien Paiva/Lani Kukaua 572-2324








 Religious Education:

  • Religious Education (Children (K-8) Faith Formation/Adult Faith Formation,  Sheri Harris 572-2273

  • Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Chris Ah Puck: 463-1585

  • Youth Ministry (Confirmation)(Ages 13-17): Jason & Diane Jacinto: 572-4623

Social Outreach Ministry:

  • Food Pantry/Emergency Assistance: Helen Tabaco, Judy Cambra & Frieda Inciong: 572-7652.


Church Movements:

  • Knights of Columbus: Grand Knight, Steve Rinaldi 573-1840

  • Filipino Catholic Club:  Earl Lamadora; 276-0973

  • Hawaii Catholic Engage Encounter: Fred & Eileen Corpuz, 572-8833

  • Divine Mercy:  Robert & Daisy Muego; 250-9126

  • Holy Name Society:   Ed Ferreira 572-0015

  • Neocatechumenal Way:  James & Carol Stenger;  572-7884

  • Holy Hour Devotion:  Linda Mitchell: 264-3388

  • Legion of Mary: Oscar D'Souza: 573-5826







Church Documents:




 St. Joseph Church Cookbooks, Heavenly Blend Coffee, Jams, Jellies, Salts, Butter, Dressings and Chutney are all for sale at the parish office.    (808) 572-7652

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