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Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Makawao Maui Hawaii

Schedule Of Services

Daily Mass:  Monday-Friday..... 7 a.m.


Saturdays ........... 5:00 p.m.

Sundays ........... 7:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. & 5:00 p.m.

Confessions:  Saturday .... 4:00 p.m. or by Appt. only.



Office: (808) 572-7652    Fax:  (808) 573-2278

 Email:  stjosephmakawao@rcchawaii.org


Parish Mission Statement - St. Joseph Church Parish is a faith community in Makawao, Maui.  We are dedicated to the call of God, to support the Diocese of Honolulu in its mission, to celebrate the Eucharist, and to commit and make Jesus present in our lives.

St. Joseph Church Staff:

  • Administrator:  Rev. Jaime Jose

  • Parochial Vicar:  Rev. Michael Tolentino

  • Deacon Patrick Constantino

  • Business Administrator: Donna Pico, 572-7652

St. Joseph Early Learning Center Leaders:

  • Preschool Director:  Helen Souza  572-6235

  • Office Clerk Sheri Harris

  • Teachers: Alicia Cordeiro, Renette Koa, Arneda Wilson

  • Teacher Aide:  Shelley DeCantreras

  • St. Joseph Early Learning Center Website


REFLECTION ON TODAY’S READING: At the end, the Son of Man will return with great power and glory, placing his enemies under his feet.  Those whose names are in the Book shall live forever in light and joy.       

ST. JOSEPH FEAST -- MAY 3, 4, & 5, 2018     
The Feast is a tradition that started over a hundred years ago to help raise funds to build our Church.  Today, we continue to have the  annual Feast to financially assist the parish.  Fr. Jaime and the Finance Committee has designated the proceeds from the upcoming Feast to go towards the Steeple Repair & Multi Purpose Center Project.  We are truly blessed to have such dedicated parishioners.  They have  given their time, talent and treasures to make this fundraiser a success that benefits our parish and it’s parishioners.  This year we are in need of a few families, friends, SJS Alumni Classes, or Ministry to assist us in running a couple of the new food booths.  We also need help with cooking rice, putting up/taking down of banners, distributing flyers, trash pickup during the feast or in any other way.  Please contact Donna if you are able to help at 572-7652.   Mahalo!     
                           Our parish and our keiki thanks you!
In addition to the Anointing of the Sick, St. Joseph Church now offers a weekly Healing Ministry. This is a time set aside to bring restoration and wholeness to anyone in need of healing of body, mind, or spirit.    
IMAGO CHRISTI (in the Image of Christ) is an international healing ministry.
Offered every Monday evening at 5:30 pm in the Church

You are invited to come and pray for healing with us. Group prayer and specific individual healing sessions are available to all.   It is the promise of Jesus that, through Him, we are "to have life and to have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10).  Mark 16:17-18 says "these signs will follow those who believe... they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover!"   This is a special time of grace for individuals, couples, and families to ask Jesus for healing for our needs and supplications.  Let the power of the Holy Spirit fill and restore us with His love!   Whether or not you are seeking personal healing, you are welcome to join our Healing Ministry Team. Please call Alda and Jim St. James for more information.  The flyer for the Healing Ministry is here.

Come and join the St. Joseph Parish Altar Servers!  Training for New Altar Servers will be held on Sunday, Nov. 18th & 25th from 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.. in the Church.  On Dec. 2nd the New Altar Servers will be commissioned at the 9 a.m. mass. If you have received your Sacrament of Holy Communion and would like to serve the Lord and his church please attend the up-coming training sessions. For more info call Helen Souza at 572-6235..    

There will be a meeting for  All Altar Servers (for seasoned and recently installed or commissioned servers). Please bring your handbooks with you to make changes. The meeting will take place in the church center on Dec.9th at 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.


REL. ED. & ADULT SACRAMENTS: (All ages 4 yrs & up): registration forms are on the back table of church or on the church website; along with the yearly calendar. First class is on August 19th at 7:50 a.m. up at the school.

will begin for new students/inquiries on August 9th from 7—8:30 p.m. and every Thursday thereafter at Room 5 at the school.

The St. Joseph Youth Ministry  is a ongoing and year-round Ministry.  Please contact Diane Jacinto, Youth Ministry Moderator at: 572-4623 for day, time, and location of next gathering or by email: st.jcyouthgroup@gmail.com or Sheri Harris, Religious Education Coordinator at 572-2273   

Youth Ministry & Confirmation Registration Form
Youth Ministry Registration Medical Information Parent Consent Form
Photograph and Video Consent Form
Our Youth Group News for March 2017 is here!


 (Reflection on Sunday Gospel)

"The Son of man will come with great power and glory"

Do you recognize the signs of God's kingdom - signs that point to his power and action in our lives and in the world around us? The Lord Jesus came to bring us the kingdom of God and to set us free from bondage to sin, death, and destruction and from the powers of the evil one who tempts us through lies and deception.       


In preparation for the 2nd edition newsletter the Stewardship Committee request ministries, movements and committees to submit an article (word/pdf format) and picture (jpeg format) of events that occurred or will occur during the period from July 2018 to December 31, 2018.  Deadline for articles is Friday, Nov. 30th and it may be emailed to stjosephmakawao@rcchawaii.org.

How would you spend your day if you knew it was the  last day you would spend on earth? Undoubtedly, it would not be a normal day. The point of today’s Gospel reading  is that the end-time is always imminent. The good steward remains prayerfully alert, ready to give an accounting; and living each day in the awareness of the coming judgment and salvation. How do we exercise stewardship over our daily lives? Are we prepared to give an accounting? How will we allow Christ to work in and through us to prepare for the reconciliation of the heavens and the earth?


Have a few minutes to spend with The Good Shepherd?  Come to St. Joseph’s Church on Thursdays for Holy Hour at 5 to 6:30 p.m.   On Fridays come & join us to pray the Divine Mercy at 3 p.m. Holy Rosary will be held Monday—Fridays after the daily mass.    All are Welcome!  


 In the spirit of sharing during this holiday season, our Social Outreach Ministry humbly asks for your support and donation.  Anyone who would like to make a monetary contribution or donate their Makai Rewards Certificate towards the Thanksgiving Dinners please drop it off at the Church Office or in a separate envelope from the Sunday offering during the Sunday collection.  Your support is appreciated.
How can I repay the Lord for all the great good done for me?" Psalm 116:12





Please continue to donate non-perishables and canned good foods to St. Joseph Church Social Outreach Ministry for food pantry distribution.

This ministry kindly request donations of Vienna sausage, spam,  2lb bag rice, toilet tissue, small container/bottle juice, condiments and any type of non-perishable protein items. Large grocery paper bags are also requested. Your donations are greatly appreciated for distribution to needy families.  In the Spirit of Aloha, St. Joseph Church parish is truly ‘NO KA OI ‘.   


MY PARISH APP   The app will allow us to communicate with you.   It will be a great resource for parishioners by providing daily Mass readings, Catholic news and prayers, convenient prayers and Confession reminders, our bulletin and more.  Its free and simple to install, go to messaging, text app to 88202 to download our parish app.  Select our Parish after opening. 

PARISH REGISTRATION  Please stop by the Parish Office if you are new to the Parish and would like to register or if you would like to receive a box of collection envelopes.  Also, if you have any changes to your address, phone contact, etc.. kindly call the office to update your information.   Mahalo!

Make a donation to our organization at any Foodland, Sack N Save or Foodland Farms checkout, and Foodland and the Western Union Foundation will make a donation to our organization, too!

1) Show your Maika‘i Card and make a donation to St. Joseph Church Multi-Purpose Building Fund #77274 (up to $249 per person) at any Foodland, Sack N Save or Foodland Farms checkout from September 1-30, 2017.
2) Foodland and the Western Union Foundation will match all donations up to a total of at least $300,000 for all organizations combined.
3) Anyone who would like to make a monetary contribution or donate their Makai Rewards Certificate towards the Thanksgiving Dinners please drop it off at the Church Office or in a separate envelope from the Sunday offering during the Sunday collection. 
                               THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!    



Catholic Engaged Encounter is part of an international and national family and is an in-depth, private, personal, marriage preparation experience within the context of Catholic faith and values. During the weekend experience, a couple will have plenty of time alone together to meaningfully dialogue honestly and intensively about their prospective lives together.  Catholic Engaged Encounter is the official marriage preparation program in the Diocese of Honolulu. For more information and/or to register for a weekend, please visit our website at www.hawaiicee.org      


The next Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend will be held at St. Theresa Church in Kihei on November 16-18th.  This is a non-residential weekend.  The weekend provided opportunities for the couples to spend time as a group and alone to meaningfully dialogue about their lives together.  The quality time together is very impactful.  For additional information, please contact Tanya and Lee Barbero at 268-1578.         


Church Committees:

  • Pastoral Council:  Christine AhPuck 463-1585

  • Church Building/Master Planning:  Jordan Santos; 572-9768

  • Finance:  Ernest Rezents;  572-8663

  • Stewardship Committee:  Arsenia Anderson 572-8290

Church Fund Raising:

  • St. Joseph Feast: 463-1585

  • Sweetbrad:  Jackie Souza 573-8927

  • Thrift Shop: Joslyn Minobe: 572-9150/572-1129 

Worship Ministry

  • Sacristan: Richard Harris: 572-2273 

  • Arts & Environment:  Berna Gentry 385-3442

  • Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion/Sick & Homebound: Madeline Pruse  572-4116

  • Altar Servers:  Helen Souza 572-5142

  • Lectors:   Emily Agusti  572-6745

  • Music: Michael Balderas 572-9434, Rochelle Alo 572-0262,
    Joe Cacalda 283-1123, & Damien Paiva 572-2324








 Religious Education:

  • Religious Education (Children (K-8) Faith Formation/Adult Faith Formation,  Sheri Harris 572-2273

  • Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Chris Ahpuck: 463-1585

  • Youth Ministry (Confirmation)(Ages 13-17): Jason & Diane Jacinto: 572-4623

Social Outreach Ministry:

  • Breaking Bread Ministry (Food Pantry & Parish Emergency Assistance: Helen Tabaco, Judy Cambra & Frieda Inciong: Arsinia Anderson: 572-7652


Church Movements:

  • Cursillo Maui Coordinator:  Jaimie Balthazar;  572-6403

  • Filipino Catholic Club:  Earl Lamadora; 276-0973

  • Hawaii Catholic Engage Encounter: Fred & Eileen Corpuz, 572-8833

  • Divine Mercy/Legion of Mary:  Bob & Daisy Muego, 250-9126

  • Holy Family Institute/Healing Ministry:  James and Alda St. James: 572-8575

  • Holy Name Society:   Ed Ferreira 572-0015

  • Neocatechumenal Way:  James & Carol Stenger;  572-7935

  • Holy Hour Devotion:  Linda Mitchell: 264-3388








Church Documents:





Please make checks payable to:

 St. Joseph Church.

Available at the parish office.

 Add $5.00 per book for mail orders and mail your request to:

 1295 Makawao Avenue, Makawao, HI  96768.

Additional fee of $30 for all insufficient checks


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